Client Feedback

by megantaylor05

After sharing the design document with my client, I felt there were some changes I needed to make based on her feedback. As I was developing the Job Aid I made some changes and included some things that I had not planned to before receiving her feedback and hearing some her concerns. Her concerns dealt mostly with the technologies she would be using.

Her first concern was using the iPad apps. She has only just received an iPad from her school, and does not have a lot of experience using it. Also, in general, she is not comfortable with technology due to a lack of training and experience. While I was planning to included a section of my Job Aid that assisted in using the specific apps for instruction, I decided it would be necessary to give a very thorough, step-by-step breakdown of downloading apps, creating videos in the app, and sharing the video via email. I have heard back from my client that the job aid was helpful in figuring out how to use the app.

She had similar concerns about using a graphic organizer because she had never used those either, which surprised me. As I explained how to use a graphic organizer and the purpose of using them, she realized that although she hasn’t technically used a formal graphic organizer (like the one included in the instruction) she had used strategies that were based on the same concept of extracting and taking note of certain information. She described the process she used, which was very similar to the graphic organizer I developed, and I decided to alter the headings on my graphic organizer to match what she and her students were used to using. This proved successful with the students who could make a connection between this new concept and their previous knowledge.

For the most part, I took into consideration all the feedback my client provided and did not choose to “ignore” anything. She did have some concerns with the backing learning theory that the design involved after she read through the description on the design document. However, I assured her that she should have few/no problems. When developing the Job Aid I made sure to make references throughout the activity descriptions connecting her objectives with the constructivist approach. She was wary of undertaking the instruction, but after sharing her concerns with me and reviewing the Job Aid I believe she was prepared.