Reflection on Project 1

by megantaylor05

This was my first venture into full-blown instructional designing. As I mentioned in a previous post (“Instructional Design & ADDIE”), I have experience writing and developing lesson plans as well as creating instructional materials. While I still see the similarities between the two processes and hold to the points I made in the previous post, I also realized one very significant difference that holds the two apart.

When writing lesson plans I am completing them for myself and my own classroom/instruction. Therefore I am the “expert” on the content, standards, students, resources, and potential obstacles. I also have a more direct control over those obstacles and other factors that may impact instruction (e.g. students’ behavior, time consuming distractions). However, with instructional designing you don’t have the benefit of this “first-person perspective.” This, in my opinion, is what makes instructional designing significantly more difficult and involved.

The majority of the challenges I faced when designing and implementing the instruction dealt with unexpected things that came up. For example, at the last minute the client lost access to one the technology resources I had utilized in the design. Therefore I had to think of a way to complete the same activity using a different tech tool. The designer has little control over these issues and must either write alternatives in the design document or be prepared to alter it if needed. Some of these issues can be avoided if you complete a thorough and in-depth analysis of the instructor’s needs, the environmental resources, and challenges, needs, and weaknesses the instructor may have. My experience with the entire design process confirms my understanding that the analysis phase is critically important to the entire process and done properly/improperly can “make or break” your instructional design.

Reflecting on my first project, I think there were strong aspects of the instructional design and some that could have been improved.

Strong points:

-clear and detailed Job Aid

in-depth analysis

-productive communication with client

-pedagogical foundation

-and instructional activities that correlate with constructivist theory


Aspects that need Improvement:

– for a shorter project (only a week of lessons), it would be better to narrow my scope of instructional activities and expectations. This became an issue during the implementation when the instructor had less time than planned and had to extend some lessons over a day. I think I could have focused only on reading comprehension (and not spelling as well) and had a more effective design. In the future I would include a different concept in a different plan/design. If I had done this, I think my goals/objectives would have been clearer and easier for the instructor to follow. I plan to focus more on one area and develop two goals both related to that knowledge/skill.