Moodle Progress Report 1 (week three)

by megantaylor05

The biggest challenge I have faced is figuring out the Moodle software because I have very limited experience with it. The Virtual Training Company (VTC) videos, however, have been invaluable as I have begun to develop my course. A past, failed attempt to create a course in Moodle left me feeling concerned to tackle another (and more involved and extensive at that) course in the LMS. However, the videos have definitely prepared me, and I have a more positive outlook on the software. Moodle has many more features than I realized that can be used in instruction at any level.

For my instruction for high school students, I am planning to utilize the Lessons activity. I like that it can be used to present information, including multimedia, and require to answer questions while completing. This is favorable for my design because it creates an interactive experience for students. Going back to Redeker taxonomy, it move the student away from simply the receptive dimension into the interactive dimension as well. Since my students will be spending time viewing the presentations/lessons outside of class (hence a flipped format) it is important for them to remain engaged in the process since the teacher is not present.

Another challenge/consideration as I continue my course development is really taking into account my audience and presenting information in the best manner for students. It will be important to choose media and content that meet my learning objectives; this is where the BRG Model will be helpful.