Moodle Progress Report 2 (week four)

by megantaylor05

I feel that I have spent a substantial amount of time developing instruction that will prepare students to use Moodle and a flipped instruction format. Based on the feedback I received, I was made aware that since most students have not taken a course that has been flipped, they would need explicit instruction of what to expect and what was expected of them.

I have finally started to get used to the Moodle LMS; it has taken quite a bit of trial and error and experimentation. My biggest struggle has been deciding what is the best way to present my instructional materials within each module. One additional feature I appreciate is the ability to write html code within a lesson, activity, or resource. This been helpful to embed media that is not from YouTube or too large to upload.

The feedback I have received from my partner has been helpful in fine tuning the work I had already completed. In addition to using the advice of my peer, I have found that it is very helpful in my own development to review my partner’s work. It has allowed me to see a course from the outside, as the learner will. I have used this insight to figure out how learners might approach my course and make adjustments as needed.

It has been a challenge to work on such a quick timeline for this project, even though I realize in the professional world I will be working at this pace or faster. This is definitely something I need to work on. I think my man struggle was “getting started” and not knowing exactly what to expect. Even on my next project, I would expect to be more efficient simply because I better know what to expect in the amount of work and the challenges I might face.